What We Do

Andrea Carmichael, Inc. was incorporated under their present name in 1984. It is a full-service design and licensed construction firm. The focus of the team of educated design professionals is to work with the client to not only furnish a home, but to blend the designs into their lifestyle, and thus help them embrace the art of living.

The team feels that the main emphasis of a designer is to be a catalyst to interpret the clients’ preferences. They believe there must be trust between a designer and client. Without this, the project should not go forward; the designer and client must work together to create a warm, inviting space that you never want to leave. The end result should not reveal the intervention of the designer, and the design should be viable for years to come. We do not apologize for our good-quality designs. We are mindful that our projects must be appropriate to the client, to the budget and to the space. Quality, beauty and style do have a price.

A good question to ask is, “Why hire our firm?” We have years of experience in the business and vast product knowledge along with an outstanding reputation.

We enjoy finding solutions to design dilemmas whether it is in the form of design or more major architectural changes such as repurposing existing space, adding additional space, or enhancing with architectural elements. Our firm’s previously completed work reflects our ability to work on projects of varied scope, function and theme, including airplanes, yachts, multi-storied offices, and residences. Many of these projects have been published.

We look forward to your contacting our firm so that we can discuss your project.

Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223 | (205) 871-8400